I Will Give you 100,000 Real Live Visitors for One month and 50,000 Backlinks To Rank Your Site On Google.

Why you should go for me - 

› No jingling, No Demon, or no other software  or no China visitors
› No Bot, No Proxies, no panel 
› Good for SEO ranking
› 100% AdSense safe
› Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)
› Unique visitors each and every one
› 24 hours non stop visitors to your site
› Natural and real visits each day
› 100% safe for all google updates 
› 100% safe from Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird
› Traffic from around the world
› Google analytic tractable visitors
› Excellent Alexa rank

SKU : A1201                              $ 55.00

Will Create Simple Plain Introductory Website  (3-4 pages)

  • Domain & Hosting included
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Stunning Home page

# Ask me for special rate if you are looking for Online Shopping Site

SKU : A1200                              $ 100.00

SKU : A1202                               $ 55.00

Rank Your Youtube Video on Google 

I Will Rank Your Video on Google and Youtube
Also Give You - 1000 Views

Why you should go for me - 

› No jingling, No Demon, or no other software  or no China visitors

› No Bot, No Proxies, no panel 

› Good for SEO ranking

› 100% AdSense safe

› Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)

› Unique visitors each and every one

› Natural and real visits each day

› 100% safe for all google updates 

› 100% safe from Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird

› Traffic from around the world

› Google analytic tractable visitors

› Excellent Alexa rank




$ 300

$ 200

$ 125

Send 1 lac Emails per day for 30 days

Send 50 Thousands Emails per day for
30 days

Send 10 Thousands Emails per day for
30 days

30 lacs Email per month

15 lacs Emails per month

3 lacs Emails per month

100% Delivery

100% Delivery

100% Delivery

Get your own Branded Email ID

Get your own Branded Email ID

Get your own Branded Email ID

Dedicated Server & IP

Dedicated Server & IP

Dedicated Server & IP

Full Reports

Full Reports

Full Reports

100% Satisfaction 

100% Satisfaction 

100% Satisfaction 

SKU : A1203                               $ 250

Viral Tube Website To Earn Passive Income 

If you are looking for a big website of thousands and millions of videos that is too without doing anything? .. 

We will Provide Viral Video Automatic / Autopilot tube website setup, just choose the Keywords/Youtube-Channel/Language/Minimum-Views/ etc/ etc and leave the site forever.. 

Your site will be updated every day, every hour, every minute, and you will see $$$ Dollars in your adsense/affiliate/CPM/CPC/adnetwork accounts every month. 

Some of our clients are started earning $500 from 3rd to 4th month. 

BONUS1: i will setup automatic on page seo too, so you need to optimize your pages, Google loves optimized pages. 

BONUS2: one month full support if you need help or need our expertise to fix the things. Please contact before placing the order

Create Streaming Music Site with Millions Of Songs for Huge Earning - 

i will give you a website with millions of tracks including audio and video which you need not to update .. it is completely automated / autopilot. 

you can place popup ads and earn huge amount per month.
latest videos and music automatically updated daily from worldwide. 

Domain and hosting Included 

Contact before placing the order

SKU : A1204                                $ 250

SKU : A1205                                $ 250

Earn $1500-2500 Per Month with Automated CBD Marijuana Site

Get fully autopilot CBD Marijuana site that posts CBD Marijuana videos automatically. Videos have replaced articles. People love videos! These websites usually get a huge amount of traffic from all over the world due to its nature. And imagine the site automatically posts videos every hour from YouTube. BOOM! Your visitors will love your site.

CBD Marijuana Site Features:

  • Posts Latest CBD Marijuana Videos
  • It Updates Autopilot
  • Prebuilt Site - Design Already Done
  • Responsive Website Design
  • No Maintenance Required
  • SEO Friendly
  • Profitable Advertisement Placement
  • Custom Logo
  • All Required Pages Setup
  • Domain + Hosting Space included

This site is monetized with:

  • AdSense
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Clickbank
  • Any ad network you want

You don't need to do anything to keep it updated. The website updates itself.

Get the money rolling now!

SKU : A1206                                  $ 200

Create Amazon Affiliate Auto Earning Website

Will provide you the proven way to make your first online income.

Amazon Autoblog Affiliate Marketing website will run completely on Autopilot,  means you do not need to do anything  

Traffic will come from the search engine on top keywords and also from social media so Hurry up Order and see your Revenue

Daily 5 to 7 relevant product will be posted automatically, and the product will be incorporated with your admin name and website.

the website will be indexed automatically by every search engines.

Our 3 websites already running with best niches for 3 years and  I know what worked, what not.

what you will get.

  • SEO optimized
  • High conversion rate Affiliate products
  • Top trending products that sales
  • Perfect, eye-catching design
  • Responsive and high-quality store.
  • Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Disclaimer Page
  • Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


This is completely on Autopilot that will guarantee the success of your online business. So, stop wasting money on writing articles, content planning, and blog posts.


No Extra effort required

Lets Start Making Money Online Today

SKU : A1207                               $ 350

Will Develop Sport Betting App And Website With Earning Platform

Thanks to the latest smartphones and mobile betting apps, it is easier than ever to wager. You no longer have to go to the local shop. A great number of apps are made available to punters. However, not all mobile betting apps are equal. Identifying a good one is far from being easy, so I will be creating one of the best for you....


  • Worldwide sport betting 
  • Sponsorship
  • In-app purchase
  • Payment for virtual currency
  • Live scores
  • Resign customization
  • Real-money betting.
  • Live streaming
  • Predictions
  • Security
  • Live betting



  • Invite friend and earn
  • Payment system
  • Sports News
  • Watch live games
  • Pop – ups
  • Odds from numerous sources
  • Public betting trends
  • Community 

SKU : A1208                             $ 250

Will Develop Online Movie Streaming Website For Your Earning

If you are looking for a online Live TV, then you are at the right place. I have a pre developed online TV portal. I will install it on your server then you can show any live TV on your website.

Key Features:-

  • Tv Series
  • Self Hosted Video Upload
  • Amazon S3
  • Stunning Home Page
  • Youtube Video Support
  • Advanced Search Option
  • Multiple Home Slider
  • IMDB Movie Import
  • Built In Movie Scrapper
  • Ajax Subscription
  • Page Speed and SEO Optimized
  • Comment and Notification
  • Unlimited Post and Comments
  • Social Like & Share

Software Architecture and Feature

  • Eye Catching Design.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Cost Efficient Application
  • Secured Database
  • PHP Based CodeIgniter(MVC) Application
  • Full-rest API Based Architecture

SKU : A1209                                $ 250

Will Provide You A Travel Affiliate Site Which Can Earn You Passive Income

Travel affiliate website :

Hi, Do you want someone who can design a affiliate travel web site than you are on right place i can design a amazing travel affiliate web site

COMPLETED upto 69+ travel WEB'S  with excellent REVIEWS, Don't wait - order now your own ATM machine (travel website)

Passive income machine overview:-

How this work?  
When some one come and book flight hotel or any other service on web you earn commission start with 2%upto80% not only this you also earn commission on leads/search too ..

How to get commission ? 
You just have to send traffic to your web thats all if they booked or search only you earn commission 
How much i can earn from this per month? 
You can earn upto 600-800$ a month 

What affiliates you get from me ?  
You get more than 20000+hotels more than 8000+ flights unlimted fully auto taxi car bus train more than 8000+ tours with 170+ videos guide on blog
COmmission chart:

  • flight:1_70%
  • Hotels : 1% on search 10-70% on booking
  • car :1-60%
  • taxi : 3-70%
  • bustrain 1-5%

SKU : A1210                                   $ 100

Will Give A No Loss Forex Robot Auto Earning Guaranteed

For those who have lost a lot of bucks in forex and 

those who don't believe that earning from forex is real...


Whatever your stories are in forex you're now guaranteed 

a constant income..

Even if you are a newbie, you can still earn with this great EA...

*No Loss Of Capital Guaranteed!
*Earn Over 50% Monthly ROI guaranteed!
*Easy Set Up!
*Low Start Up Equity!!

With this EA you're in for financial freedom!

SKU : A1211                                  $ 250

Will Create Auto Event Blogging Website With Guaranteed Earning

I will bring a hidden earning business model in the world of online Earning. The most easiest effortless way to earn money online with auto blogging. I've 5 years in the Online market & I discover many business models that work.

Why You Buy My GiG! My One Secret Earning Formula?
This magical way of posting on wp websites help saves lots of time. There is no need to keep updating your viral, news, videos, or any other site because of the autopilot system. NO Copyright tension 

Auto Blogging Earning:- Guaranteed  $1000 to 1500$ 
Event basis blog:-Guaranteed  $4000/day to 7000$/day

What Is included in my Automated WP site where this is no need to post, add or embed videos manually. Copyright tension free.

I will install a perfect WP theme with SEO Optimzed+Plugins for Autopilot mode

Suits all affiliate websites (Amazon, eBay or express)

Targeted content generated automatically (100% keyword and SEO friendly)

100% hands-free traffic generation.

SKU : A1212                                   $ 250

Will Create Full Automated Celeb News Website, Huge Earnings

I will create a 100% Fully Automated Celeb News WebSite That Will Make you Money while you sleep.


Fresh content Will automatically updated on hourly daily, No Hasle. With automatic NEWS update, you do not have to do anything to keep your site fresh with new contents. Zero Work & No maintenance required at all highly user friendly.




  • 100% Fully Automated - automatic NEWS update         
  • Premium WordPress theme
  • The Site Runs Itself - No Experience is required
  • Mobile friendly - Responsive
  • HOT in Demand Niche
  • Ad placement Ready
  • WordPress based Website



  • The site will be setup in that way, so you can make your passive income 
  • Google Adsense Program( Adsense is by far the easiest way to make money )
  • Amazon Affiliate Program( Favorite affiliate programs on the internet )
  • Clickbank Affiliate Program( Clickbank offer up to 75% commissions )
  • CPA Networks ( PeerFly, MaxBounty , Neverblue )
  • Banner Or Link ads ( Placing banners and link ads on your website )

SKU : A1213                                     $ 250

Will Develop Clickbank Affiliate Website For Passive Earnings

With me, it's easy and quick to make passive earnings from an Autopilot Clickbank affiliate website. 

Through affiliate marketing you will make money while you are sleeping or spending your time with family. Clickbank is free to join & pay higher commissions (35%-75%) compared to others. People are making more than $1000 per month on it.

We will develop an autopilot website that can automatically upload and posts on hot selling products & related video contents.

Your website will be designed according to newly updated Google algorithm targeting. So it will be ranked in Google soon. "Native ads" & "banner ads" for high converting Clickbank products will be placed on your site in strategic locations to maximize conversions.

Features of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing:

  • Fully Automatic Website
  • High Gravity and Best Selling Products
  • Guaranteed Profitable Niche Selection
  • Premium Design, Logo and Plugins
  • Newsletter, GDPR, Video Contents
  • Legal Pages, Pop Up and Banner Ad Space
  • Auto Social Share, On-page SEO


Your Clickbank Affiliate ID

Note: **Contact me before Order Placement**

SKU : A1214                                   $ 300

Will Develop Sport Betting App That Earn 200 Daily

This app is for Totally a betting Based App. You can find Sports Schedule, Live Score, Sports News and Sports Live Streaming and other features you wanted,  So being a betting player  you have the complete app for Sports betting at your rich.

Develop Custom mobile applications, software and websites for Fantasy Sports.

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • NBA
  • Lawn Tennis
  • NFL
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling


  • sell virtual coins;
  • Source code
  • sponsorships;
  • payment for virtual currency
  • real-money betting.
  • livescores
  • Resign customization

Dont wait any more, buy this and start earning 200 USD every single day 

SKU : A1215                          $ 150

I Will Make Earning App For You 5-7$ Daily


If you daily use your Cell Phone, but not earning a single penny from it then this is useless.

Earn 5-7$ Daily from this App by doing simple Tasks(100% True).

I will make an earning App which acts as a part-time earning medium for you. You can make money as a side source from this App.

  • Splash Screen
  • Screens/Layouts
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Integrating Admob Ad units with the App
  • Tricks to use the App
  • Full Guidance
  • No Bann App
  • 24*7 Message Support

See, My Customers/Clients are still using these Apps and there is no any complaint from anyone till now and they are making money from Apps

Hey, If you have any Confusion/Query regarding this. Feel free to msg me.
Yes, This is true you can make money from it by doing simple tasks.

SKU : A1216                                 $ 200

Will Create A Professional  & Similar to Task Bucks Earning Android App

Making $$ Has Never Been This Easy

I will develop  Earning Android App and Integrate it with your AdMob Banner and Interstitial Ads which helps you to earn $100 to $600 per day with Admob and Adsense without getting your account banned or suspended by Google.

Features of Earning App

1. You will get High CPC Ads up to $0.2 - $1 Per Click.
2. No Invalid Clicks and Impressions
3. Lucky Wheel
4. Quiz Game
5. Refer System
6. Slot Machine
7. Leadbolt
8. Withdrawal System
9. Push Notification
7. 24 x 7 Text Support  
We did a lot of research on this method with many developers and AdMob Pro Earners and Finally released it. This App is unmistakably setting itself up to be the single greatest cash machine of the decade.

Just manage the App for 7 days in a month. Just create an earning android app & earn forever.
It's a lifetime investment. 

SKU : A1217       $ 150 for 50,000 msgs

Whatsapp Marketing

The numbers of people don’t communicate anymore over the Facebook or other social media channels but are highly active on Whatsapp. The statistics confirm that more and more people will prefer to communicate in small groups over Whatsapp instead of using other channels for messaging.

The ease of sharing text, photos, audio messages and videos makes Whatsapp a never to miss marketing channel. As of today, Whatsapp has 500 million users; and you can tap them all without geographical boundaries.

. Delievery time 10 AM to 6 PM
. 7 days server running
. Text: upto 2000 characters
. Image: Upload Image in (.jpg,.png,.gif) format less than 5mb + 600 character caption
. PDF: Upload pdf file less than 10mb 
. Video: Upload Video in (.avi, .mp4, .mov) format less than 10mb + 600 character caption
. Vcard: Vcard Title, Name, Email, Mobile No, Phone no, Website, Company Name, Address with Upload Image in (.jpg, .png, .gif) format (Less than 1 MB)
. Link: upper limit max 2000 character

SKU : A1218       $ 150 for 50,000 msgs


Will Provide Promotional SMS With Real 100% Delivery 6-Digit Sender ID Web Based Panel and API

  • 50,000 SMS Credits
  • 6-DigitSender ID
  • API Integration
  • 100% Delivery & Dlr Report
  • Unlimited Groups
  • 24/7 x 365 Days Support
  • 1 Year Validity

About Shop

All these three options are in high demand and value for money.

Most Authentic and Reliable Traffic service provider

Traffic source could be (any one from below as per your choice -

  1. Organic / Referral / Direct
  2. Keyword targeted
  3. Social media


  1. Very Fast Delivery, Traffic starts within few hours
  2. Real Visitors from unique IPs, No bots/automation tools involved
  3. 100% Adsense Safe
  4. Google Updates Safe
  5. 100% traceable from Google analytics

Why should you choose us- 

  1. You will get absolutely Safe and Quality service
  2. SEO certified Professional
  3. 100% Positive Ratings
  4. 10+ years of Experience in SEO








271, Rajpur Extn, Chattarpur, Delhi. INDIA


Fast and reliable service, Really happy and satisfied.
John Brown

Outstanding Services,  My all three sites are ranked and getting traffic on autopilot.

God Bless!!


Bought your services for one of my client.

She is really happy and impressed. 
See you soon with my videos.


This Traffic is great for - 

If you want signups and sales for...

  • Any Affiliate program
  • Business Opportunities
  • List Buildings and Social Connections
  • Backlinking Purpose

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